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Lori Jablons Jeff Klein Eve Savona Dan Jablons Elvis Winterbottom Lee Godden Bret Calvert Fuzzy Wuzzy


   Seven Improv Pros

Pictured on the DVD cover at left are They Made That Up! cast members, clockwise from upper left: Eve Savona, Jeff Kline, Lori Jablons, Dan Jablons, Elvis Winterbottom, Lee Godden and Bret Calvert.

These seven are all comedic acting professionals with stage and screen credits from Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Their extensive backgrounds include improvisational acting (Second City, Improv Olympic, Improv Olympic West, and National Improv Theater), writing (Comedy Central, Disney and MTV), comedic and dramatic acting (television and off-Broadway productions) and stand-up comedy. All seven sing, and all play at least one instrument.

(Also pictured at left is the diminutive but feisty sock puppet Fuzzy Wuzzy.)

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