Fuzzy Wuzzy

Former Cast Member

Elvis Winterbottom photo

Fuzzy Wuzzy was the entertainment

world's preeminent interviewer of

celebrities. His sarcastic nature and

accompanying laugh created many

problems for the diminutive grey

sock puppet. Most notorious of all on-

camera incidents was Fuzzy's

interview with famed actor Sean

Connery. During that horrific episode

Fuzzy verbally harassed Mr. Connery

relentlessly, on topics ranging from

his acting ability, his wrinkles and his

diminishing sexual prowess. Finally

Connery snapped and physically

attacked Fuzzy during the live taping,

choking him and poking him in the

eyes so viciously that even

ophthalpuppamological surgery failed

to properly reattach them. Fuzzy

Wuzzy's illustrious career ended. He

spent a lonely, brief retirement in the

upper left drawer of Lee Godden's

bedroom dresser, before ultimately

dying from holiness